Saturday, September 15, 2007

Deeper @ Beale Street Bar and Grill

She swayed back and forth, eyes closed, as her voice drove with grit and tension. Her right hand gently caressed the microphone, sliding up and down the stand in a manner slightly more than suggestive...

This is the method to which Deeper conducts their eclectic blend of rock. A dash of punk with a hint of metal, mixed with (self-proclaimed) influences ranging from Bowie to Nirvana, one never really knows what to expect.

"This song is dedicated to a cowboy," announced lead songstress, Kristy (last names omitted from public presentation), before beginning the extraordinarily fluid song, "Normal." The technical proficiency of guitarist, Eric, was displayed through a complex weave of hammer-ons, pull-offs and brilliant riffs. Drummer, Bob, was spectacular, driving the song to perfection. Bassist, Ben, laid down a smooth groove that really elevated the music. And, of course, Kristy's perfectly pitched vocals, kicking into overdrive during the most opportune moments, added the final dose of emotive energy.

From their online bio: We spew the politics of self. We play rather loud (for ourselves, not for the kids... never for the kids).

Kids are stupid, anyway...